Treadmill is a heavy-duty freestanding rack that can hold a different range of weights. Adds diversity to your training. Used for bench pressing and squatting with a bar and plates, along with monolift accessories for comfortable racking and re-racking. Can be placed anywhere in home as it is free standing and a space saver. Comprising a high and low pulley system, which can be loaded with any of home plates. Supplied with a gotcha attachment, and a pull-up bar with several regular and cannonball grips. Some of them are easy to fold and take up only 30cm of floor space (from the wall).
The rack gives a comfortable and safe area for different workouts. Multi-position pull-up bar with detached broad, neutral, and narrow grips allows for extra specific targeting of muscles. J hook barbell rests for stocking the barbell. Excellent for barbell and plate workouts like squats, bench press, overhead press, etc. It is a space saving solution and takes a very little area at the home. Spotter arms allow for hazard-free bench pressing outside of the rack.
About Us:
We are a company which is here to cater all the demands of our customers regarding treadmills. We have a massive database for treadmill preparation. These are very efficient as they are weight lifters and help to perform a number of exercises at home without moving from home. You can perform any kind of function without any fear of slipping. You can check out our website for a wide range of treadmills.

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