Industrial Rubber Matting

Industrial Rubber Matting:
Rubber has become the most demanded and comfortable raw material for manufacturing of many products which are used to serve many purposes. Most importantly, rubber is used to manufacture rubber mats and flooring. This flooring is used in industries, homes and offices.

Why Rubber Flooring?
Rubber flooring has wide uses. This is used as carpet for rooms or can be used as entrance mat in rooms and homes. This is because whenever a person comes home from outside, his shoes can be full of dirt and mud which can make your home untidy, so you can rub your shoes over it to get entered neatly or sculpted ribs of the mats can help you in this to eliminate dirt. Rubber is weather resistant. Rubber Matting is washable and it is easy to retain as compared to other types of hard surface flooring.
The rubber flooring is eco-friendly and prepared with high quality components which reduce waste and eliminate the need for discarding.
There are different types of rubber mats including Rubber Floor Mats, Rubber Entrance Mats, Rubber Floor Tile, etc.

Characteristics of Rubber Flooring:
1. Extremely Soft and comfortable to be used
2. Washable
3. Helps to make your home clean
4. Sculpted ribs for elimination of dirt particles
5. Shock absorbent
6. Noise reduction
7. Anti slip
8. Weather resistive
9. Resistant to fading, cigarette burns and damage
10. Environmentally friendly

Advantages of Rubber Flooring
1. Slip-Resistant:
This flooring is slip resistant so that you can work out on it without slipping. Prevents the risk of slips and tumbles in high traffic areas.
2. Shock absorptive and noise reduction:
Lessens the noise created by footsteps and wheeled traffic and acts as anti-fatigue flooring due to its softer rubber ground.
3. Maintenance:
This matting is easy to maintain as it consists of sculpted ribs and easy to wash.
This flooring is used at following places:
Arenas and theaters
Commercial, office and retail facilities
Athletics and entertainment facilities
Colleges and universities
Hotels and cafes
About Us:
We are a company which is here to cater all the demands of our customers regarding rubber flooring. We have a vast database for rubber matting preparation. The rubber mats are very efficient as these are anti slip and assist you to perform your work out or any kind of function without any fear of slipping. You can check out our website for a wide range of rubber products.

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