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180gsm Grey Groundsheet Tarpaulin Sheet With Aluminium Eyelets



SKU IS-1049OFE4AHIF Category Heavy Weight Tarpaulins
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180gsm Grey Groundsheet Tarpaulin Sheet With Aluminium Eyelets

Quality from Professional Series.
The hard-wearing tarpaulin from Kreator, which makes it ideal for covering garden furniture, wood, etc. it is all corners nachmals Extra reinforced and thus particularly durable. The exterior of the tarpaulin is grey, the interior of the case is black. The outer edges are reinforced with a separate seam again for longer life.
Product Description:
Sturdy, rip-proof Tarpaulin 12 X 180 g/m² heavy
Ideal for covering firewood, against Damp, weathering, dirt, etc.
The Edge is double layer reinforced
Approximately Every 90 cm around the edge metal eyelets for secured with a pull-chord, etc. are attached
Material is tear-resistant woven and laminated and is also waterproof.
Inside black/outside grey
On the corners and edges penetrated by foxes

Box Contents:
Made from polyethene tarpaulin
Please note the following:
At unique fabric tarpaulins you between the cutting dimension and the size dimension. The O. A. mass is cut mass. Thanks to the structure (construction of the garment the edges) the actual mass from the cut mass, helping to plan the following Efftiv designed may:
Cutting Dimension about – Size Dimension Approximately

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