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Aluminium Telescopic Foldable Extendable Ladder - 3.8m



SKU IS-10P8IHG77FCB Category Telescopic Ladder
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Aluminium Telescopic Foldable Extendable Ladder – 3.8m

Premium Quality Aluminium Telescopic Foldable 3.8M ladder has many uses in work and around the house. The ladder opens and closes step by step for adjustment of a specific height. Can be used at numerous heights up to 3.8m. The ladder is easy in storage and transport applications.

1. A carry bag is supplied
2. Anodized aluminium glazing
3. Clean to touch
4. Anti-slip Rubber system
5. Material is aluminium which is finger-safe
6. Thickness of Aluminum is 1.3mm – 1.5mm
7. Anti-slip Rubber Feet
8. Measures:
Opened Dimensions: 381cm x 48cm x 8.8cm
Closed dimensions: 103cm x 48cm x 8.8cm
Height Between Steps: 29.5cm
The number of Steps is 13
Opened Height is 381cm
Max Load Capacity is 140Kg
The weight of the Ladder is 11.5kg

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Rungs 13 – Extended Length 3.81m x Width 0.48m x Weight 11.5kg


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