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Aluminium Telescopic Ladder Extendable Steps



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Aluminium Telescopic Ladder Extendable Steps

Available in different sizes and all the ladders are conformed to European Security Standards.
1. 3.8M Telescopic Ladder
2. 3.2M Telescopic Ladder
3. 4.7M Telescopic Ladder
4. 2.6M Telescopic Ladder

1. 3.8M Telescopic Ladder
3.8-meter telescopic ladder helps in many circumstances and can be folded down 89cm in height. Supplied with a carry bag which makes it easy to transfer it from one place to other. The threads have an anti-slip rubber system. Designed from high-quality aluminium. The rungs can be adjusted according to your height requirements.
The tubular section is designed from aerospace aluminium with nylon couplings and secure lock tabs to best fit your thumbs.

3.8M Telescopic ladder specifications
1. Made from aluminium
2. Lightweight
3. Anti-slip square rungs
4. Security lock
5. Measures:
Height when folded: 80 cm
Height when unfolded: 3.80 m
Size: Closed Length 0.80m x Extended Length 3.80m x width 0.49m x 11.0kg
6. Weight is 11.5 Kg
8. Adaptable
10. Flexible
11. Maximum load capacity: 150 kg
12. Supplied with a carry bag
13. Extends and locks rung by rung

2. 3.2M telescopic ladder
3.2M telescopic is very handy for different purposes like cleaning the windows etc. Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Contains 11 well-designed steps along with non-slip feet for security reasons. Compact and can be folded to 82 cm. Supplied with a solid canvass bag for easy carrying.
3.2M Telescopic Ladder Features:
1. Easy to use
2. Can broaden up to 3.20 meters
3. Folded size: 82 cm
4. Weight is 9 kg
5. 11 steps with 29 cm gap
6. Supplied with a bag
7. Maximum weight of 150 kg
8. Anti-slip rubber feet
9. Measures:
Size: 3.2M Ladder Rungs 11- Extended Length 3.2m x Width 0.29m x Weight 9kg

3. 2.6m Telescopic Ladder

2.6m Telescopic Ladder made from aluminium alloy. Lightweight and transportable. Rungs can be adjusted according to the required height.

2.6M Telescopic Ladder Specifications
1. Braodens and locks rung by rung
2. Nylon couplings
3. Aerospace grade aluminium
4. Foldable
5. Grip handle
6. 140kg workload capacity
7. Measures:
4. 4.7M Telescopic Ladder:

Normal ladder – step ladder – scaffold Ladder – work plaform – Telescopic Ladder – Combination Ladder

4.7 M telescopic ladder has many domestic and industrial applications. The ladder opens and closes step by step making the user able to adjust his required height. The ladder is extremely tiny in storage and transport. Has stabilized bars.
1. Measures:
Closed: 127cm high x 38cm wide
140kg, yet being only 21.5kg in weight

when fully opened as a Normal ladder

Dimensions: 475cm x 38cm

when used as a Step Ladder

Dimensions: 230cm x 38cm

when used as a Scaffold/work platform

Dimensions : 130cm x 38cm
when fully closed

Dimensions: 127cm x 38cm

Distance between steps: 28cm
14 Configurations
Size: Height 4.7M x Wide 3.8M x Weight 21.5kg
2. Clean to touch
3. Wide anti-slip rungs
4. Extraordinary hinge system
5. Can be used in 14 different configurations

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2.6M Rungs 9 – Extended Heigh 2.6m x Width 760mm x Weight 6.8kg, 3.2M Rungs 11- Extended Length 3.2m x Width 0.29m x Weight 9kg, 3.8M Rungs 13 – Closed Length 0.80m x Extended Length 3.80m x Width 0.49m x 11.0kg, 4.7M Ladder – Height 4.7M x Wide 3.8M x Weight 21.5kg


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