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Best Ultraflex Soundproofing Rubber Van Matting



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Best Ultraflex Soundproofing Rubber Van Matting

Sound Proofing Mat is loaded with mineral layer and 2mm thick. Largest insulation is achieved hence provide sound reduction by blocking the sound. One layer of this mat has 24dB insulation value and two layers have 29dB insulation. The insulation value of the three layers is 32dB. First, you have to ensure the floorboards are screwed to the floor to avoid any issue. These mats are used for different areas and covered the floor in a nice and accurate manner. These are easy to install and clean. High-quality rubber is used for the manufacture of these mats. These mats are available in different sizes and colours.

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Length 3m x Width 1.25m x Thickness 2mm


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