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Gardentop Steel Outdoor Staircase with Perforated Treads



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Gardentop Steel Outdoor Staircase with Perforated Treads

This straight-flight outdoor staircase has a clean, modern design with steel side panels. The weather-resistant steel steps allow easy access between two levels of your outdoor space.

  • Available with 2 to 12 treads
  • Choose from two different tread widths: 80cm and 100cm
  • Weather resistant
  • Safe to use, even when it’s wet outside
  • Elegant design with clean lines
  • Safe treads in perforated hot-dip galvanized steel sheets
  • Strong and stable outdoor staircase, tested for up to 700kg
  • Total load and maximum point load of 200kg
  • Complies with current European building standards (EN 1991 and EN 1993)
  • Available with our without handrail

Additional information

Treads Width

80cm, 100cm

Banister Variant

Without Banister, One-sided Standard Banister

Select Size

2 Treads, 3 Treads, 4 Treads, 5 Treads, 6 Treads, 7 Treads, 8 Treads, 9 Treads, 10 Treads, 11 Treads, 12 Treads


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