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Heavy Duty Commercial Quality Gym Floor Mats



SKU IS-10CPEJX4S3B1 Category Industrial Rubber Matting
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Heavy Duty Commercial Quality Gym Floor Mats

This rubber matting is best for the gym floor. You may apply the mats directly over your existing floors made up of wood and concrete. Installation of this matting is very easy. Not adhesive and interlocking models are available. These are made up of high-quality rubber and have many commercial as well as domestic uses. This matting is durable and odor-free. The best features of these mats are:

  • Protect the floor
  • Shrink-proof
  • Rot-proof
  • Allergy-free
  • Spore-free
  • Superior quality
  • Dust-free

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18mm Low Bubble Easy Swee, 12mm Low Bubble Easy Swee, 18mm Bubbletop Mat, 12mm Bubbletop Mat, Interlocking Green 24mm, 10mm Black EVA, 24mm Black EVA, 24mm Interlocking Mat, 1m2 x 24mm Interlocking, 34mm Interlocking Mat, 34mm Black EVA, 44mm Black EVA, 24mm Pink EVA, Green 24mm EVA Mat, 12mm Ameobic Top, 18mm Ameobic Top, 10mm Pink Mat, 10mm Green Mat, 18mm Black Mat, 12mm Checker Top, 18mm Checker Top, 12mm Solid Black Rubber


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