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Heavy Duty Non-Slip Aluminium Steps Ladders



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Heavy Duty Non-Slip Aluminium Steps Ladders

Double Riveted with “K” Straps for strength and durability
Certified to the NEW EN131 Standard that has now replaced the old Class 1 standard
Rigid box section back legs
Non-slip treads
Lightweight and easy to carry
Rubber Feet
Available in: 4 treads, 5 treads, 6 treads, 7 treads, 8 treads, 10 treads, 12 treads.

Class 1 ladders (now known as EN131 certified ladders) are the most highly rated step ladders on the market in terms of quality, strength and performance. Class 1 ladders are used by plumbers, electricians, builders and warehouse workers because they’re reliable and safe to use.

This particular heavy-duty class 1 swingback step ladder is designed with strenuous industrial environments in mind. It’s made of robust yet lightweight aluminium which means it can be easily transported from place to place.

When used or stored outside, this class 1 step ladder won’t rust or tarnish, no wonder it’s favoured by professional construction workers and tradespeople alike! Available in a range of heights and sizes to suit your requirements.

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4 treads, 5 treads, 6 treads, 7 treads, 8 treads, 10 treads, 12 treads


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