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High Quality Aluminium Door Trim Specially Design



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High Quality Aluminium Door Trim Specially Design 

Aluminium Door Bar is used as solution for doorways, room entry ways or other locations where two uneven flooring surfaces meet. It is ideal solution for connecting wooden, laminate, carpet, vinyl or tile floors that are at different levels.
Door floor trim can be cut easily to desired length with hacksaw.
Our floor transition strip are supplied in manufacturers packaging with screws. Carpet Profile Cover comes very well packaged so that it could not be bent or twisted in any way. Each trim comes pristine in manufacturer packaging.
Those 1M Floor Bars are High Quality and professional Gold or Silver finish accents most carpet colors.
Excellent quality Anodised Aluminium door floor trim. This strip protects edges of floors of different levels. Perfect for connecting wooden, laminate, carpet, vinyl or tile floors. These aluminium door floor trim allow for an exceptionally esthetic finish of connections between various floor surfaces.

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Anodized Silver – 1000mm x 45mm x 16mm, Anodized Gold – 1000mm x 45mm x 16mm


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