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Long Mist Composite Decks For Indoor Use



SKU IS-10VU75PEJ6ZC Category Decking Tiles
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Long Mist Composite Decks For Indoor Use

For a high-level and visual look you should buy our composite decking kit of 3.5m long.We provide 2 ranging of composite decking, as the contemporary range is one of the cheapest and best value for money on the market today and our deep embossed range just won’t be beaten on looks.

Boards size

  • 3.60m x 150mm x 25mm (0.54m2 per board)
  • ‘L’ shape trim 3.60m x 50mm x 40mm
  • Hidden fixing Clip bags (1 bag will install 10m2)
  • Starter Clip bags (1 bag per 20m2)
  • Example order for 20m2.
  • 38 decking boards at 3.6m long.
  • 2 bags of fixings.
  • 1 bag of starter clips.
  • 2 ‘L’ shape trim.
  • Our Composite mix:
  • 35% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene – Recycled Product)
  • 55% Wood Powder (Recycled Product)
  • 10% Additives (Anti UV agent, Anti-Oxidant Agent, Stabilizes, Colorants, Anti Fungus agent, Reinforcing agent)

Additional information

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10m2, 15m2, 20m2


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