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Multipurpose PVC Green 610gsm Heavy Weight Tarpaulin



SKU IS-10EJ7A44S8FE Category Super Heavy Weight Tarpaulins
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Multipurpose PVC Green 610gsm Heavy Weight Tarpaulin

Our heavy duty waterproof heavy grade PVC tarpaulin 610gsm is currently the heaviest specification plastic tarpaulin we supply at 610gsm. This is our toughest heavy duty tarpaulin to date, ideal for use where a more robust tarp is required.

PVC heavy duty tarpaulin 610gsm green outdoor groundsheet features:
1. Eyelets every 4ft
2. Heavy Duty Tarpaulin
3. 610gsm PVC Coated Polyester
4. Perfect Groundsheet for Outdoors
5. Complete with Eyelets and Ropes

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10m x 6m x 50kg, 3.5m x 2.75m x 8kg, 4.5m x 3.5m x 14kg, 5.5m x 3.5m x 16kg, 6m x 4.5m x 23kg, 7m x 5.35m x 30kg, 9m x 6m x 45kg


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