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Portable Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminium Folding Extension Ladder



SKU IS-104UL1S6WSM8 Category Extension Ladders
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Portable Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminium Folding Extension Ladder

The telescopic ladder can freely adjust height to meet your needs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor work.

2) Before use to confirm condition and operation of all parts. Inspect all parts prior to each use. For professional users regular periodic inspections are required.

3) Always set up the ladder on a level, stable and dry surface. Never try to increase the height of the ladder by placing anything under the rubber feet. Ensure both rubber feet are firmly supported before stepping on the ladder.

4) If the ladder is used for access to a higher level it must extend at least 1m above the landing point. Only use the ladder at full extension as a leading ladder at an angle of 75°.

5) Close Operation: You need retract it from down to top, rung by rung. Press the black button on the edge of rung, both sides retract at the same time.

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