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Premium Quality Waterproof Blue Tarpaulin For Outdoor Camping



SKU IS-10KI4DF46ZDC Category Heavy Weight Tarpaulins
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Premium Quality Waterproof Blue Tarpaulin For Outdoor Camping

Reinforced Eyelets and increase more eyelets, 1 eyelet every 1 meter
This heavy-duty tarp is made of high-density weaving PE material, double-sided coating, strong isolation, which is tensile resistant and more durable.

Made from polyethene, this material is made to last. Don’t get tired of replacing torn, worn-out plastic tarps, use one that offers the best protection and the most cost-saving.

140-150g per square meter
UV Resistant
Anti exposure
Acid and alkali resistance
More Size is on the way
ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION, Suitable for the whole season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Thickening and waterproofing
Tear resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, and no odour

Add antioxidants,anti exposure,anti aging,durable,more cost-effective

Corrosion Resistance
Stable material, acid and alkali resistance, Better deal with bad weather and environment, such as acid rain.

PE-Double-sided coating-Strong isolation, Waterproof without leakage, Visible Waterproof Effect

Bigger and Reinforced Eyelets
Increase more eyelets, 1 eyelet every 1 meter, Tie it Down Easily, Thickening angle, convenient fixation, at each corner allow this poly tarp to be tied down and secured simply. Create a “tent” for camping, fairs, and more outdoors activities!

Stereo Wrapping
Stereo edge wrapping, thicker design, edge wrapped with rope, beautiful and strong, durable

No needle holes, no water leakage
700 ℃ high temperature Hot joint splicing, Waterproof without leakage

Cover and protect your car, outdoor furniture, or wood and building materials at construction sites, keep floors clean when using this tarp as a drop sheet when painting or polishing – the uses are endless.

No matter what weather conditions you live in, Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarp can protect your goods. Waterproof, rustproof and UV resistant, it keeps your precious possessions protected from water and the sun. This rip resistant thick tarpaulin with reinforced edges lasts longer than most cheaper similar tarps. Spread this tarpaulin over your car before a storm and avoid having to brush off the snow. Similarly, shield your barbecue grill and central air conditioning units.

Cover your backyard pool when not in use no matter what the weather to prevent the entry of mosquitoes, dried leaves, and stray animals. Protect outdoor construction sites from adverse weather conditions.

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