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Vinyl Coated Heavy Duty Strength Training Kettlebell Weight



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Vinyl Coated Heavy Duty Strength Training Kettlebell Weight

About this item:
BUILD YOUR STRENGTH, POWER & ENDURANCE: This 12kg Vinyl Kettlebell has a smooth vinyl coating with a wide handle to comfortably hold, lift, and swing. Great for developing power, endurance, muscle mass, and strength, it can be used for a wide range of exercises to work for every muscle group and give yourself a total body workout.
COLOUR-CODED & LABELLED: The kettlebell has a red handle and is clearly labelled with its weight, so you can easily identify it from other kettlebells in the range. Working out with a 12kg kettlebell is a great way to build your muscles and improve your strength. If you want to develop your endurance and tone your muscles, opt for a kettlebell 6kg or lighter.
ERGONOMIC HANDLE FOR A SECURE GRIP: The kettlebell handle has been ergonomically designed for a firm, comfortable grip when you’re working out. As well as being a perfect thickness, the handle is wide enough to comfortably grasp with both hands if you’re doing goblet squats, deadlifts, and other double-handed kettlebell exercises.
CEMENT WITH VINYL COATING: The kettlebell has a smooth vinyl coating to protect it from damage if you drop it on the floor or put it down abruptly during a workout. It also has solid cement, so it won’t leak like a sand-filled kettlebell. It also gives it a perfectly balanced weight to target your muscles correctly and improve your technique.
ANTI-SLIP BASE WITH RUBBER FEET: Forget about your floor getting marked and scratched because the kettlebell features a flat non-slip base with protective rubber feet. This helps to prevent it from toppling over and rolling along your floor, so it’s always within easy reach when you’re working out. It also allows you to safely store it on a table or shelf.

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