Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Our contact details are given below:


310a, High Street, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom, SL1 1NB

Telephone No:

0203 239 2388

Email address:


Way to purchase:

Customers can purchase from our company using the internet by credit or debit card. The process to purchase is very simple. Client’s can also pay directly through cheque by contacting us using the above given contact details. Currency must be paid in Pounds Sterling.

Areas of purchase orders:

Our company takes purchase orders from colleges, administration departments, and NHS and invoices on the delivery of products.

Tax Charges

Tax charges are 20% VAT.


For delivery details, please refer to our delivery and returns policy section on our website.


Customers can easily place an order on our website. If they change their mind or want to return the product, they need to inform us shortly otherwise any request will not be entertained.

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions which refer to all consumers buying any product. Customers are bound to these terms and conditions to place an order.

Terms and Conditions applicable to Customers:

According to our policy, a customer is an individual who is covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and does not work for his trade or business. Moreover, distance selling regulations are applicable to him.

Terms and Conditions applicable to Business Customers:

According to our policy, a business customer is an individual or a firm that works for the goals of his or her trade or business and is not covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Moreover, the distance selling regulations are not applicable to him.

Prices & Quotations

The company can alter the price according to its expenditure at any time. We are not bound to supply any product if the order is placed independent of any contract. We reserve the right to alter the structure or specification of the goods without prior notice and liability like we can not supply the product due to any reason. To make any price change, we will always reach you first to satisfy you that the price is reasonable.

Setting of the contract price

The company shall be authorized to fix the contract price of the goods or services either before or after the contract according to change in pricing which can be caused due to

1. An increment in the expense of raw materials which are needed to fulfill the contract

2. Any other reason which is beyond the company’s control like pricing omissions, variations in currency, or action of any government.

3. Where goods are not available

Graphics, design, and typographical errors

Any illustrations, baggage, standard, justifications, or performance specifications included in the website are illustrating you an extensive picture of the product. We will not be liable for any damage that happened by using the product.

Customer Specification and Liability:

In case goods are made according to a specification layout, design, or instruction problem provided by others, then the efficacy and accuracy of the design will be up to customers. The customer will repay the company for any loss or damage incurred.

Risk of Damage to Goods

The Risk of damage to goods will be transferred to customers once the products are dispatched. It is recommended that goods that bear any signs of damages must NOT be Signed if there are any clues of damage. Goods should be rejected immediately if there are any clues of damage and contact us shortly.


We shall be under no liability in case there occurs a defect in goods from fair wear and tear, negligence, abnormal working conditions, not obeying our instructions whether oral or in writing, misuse or alteration or repair of the goods without our consent.

In case there is a defect in the quality or condition of the goods or their failure to correspond with specification, you shall inform within 3 days from the date of delivery. If you will not notify us within this time period then we will not be liable for the product defect and you will be bound to pay the price as if the goods had been delivered according to the contract.

In case you inform us about the faulty product within the favorable period, then we shall be authorized to do one of the following things.

1. To exchange the goods free of charge

2. Repair the impaired product at our own expense

3. Refund the price

If a company chooses to exchange or repair the product, then the delivery time will be expanded accordingly.


Once the goods are installed, the use of any part of the good shall be an agreement of the installation. Installation and payment shall become due under the agreed contract terms.


The warranty period for products is one year.

Quotations for labors

All quotations for labor assumes the following:

1. Access to avoid or maintenance of the facility by the customer for removal of packaging and materials.

2. Maintenance of adequate lighting and energy to location.

3. Installation must be eased by the side of customers as well.

4. Weekend work will be in additional cost and decided in writing

5. Clear entry of large goods vehicle up to 40′ trailer size

6. Clear area prepared for the installation of the goods


Payment must be done within 30 days from the invoice date.

 Color deviations

We represent a comprehensive picture of the product with a color code. We try to exemplify a true picture but due to the constraints of matching painted steel to the printing process or pixelation onto computer illustrations, colors illustrated offer a good, but approximate guide. For exact color source, painted steel samples are available on request from our sales team by contacting the above contact method.

Retention of Title

The following provisions shall apply to all contracts relating to Goods. No termination of the Contract will limit the company rights.

The delivered product will be the property of the company until the entire amount of the purchased product is paid according to the contract.

The customer shall maintain all adequate security in respect of the goods from the date or dates on which the risk therein passes to it. In case of any loss or damage occurring while the goods remain the property of the company, the customer shall instantly on receipt of the insurance money remit the full purchase price of the goods lost or damaged.

Cancellation of Order

For cancellation of order details, see the delivery and return section on the website.

Returns and Exchanges

For return and exchange information, please see our Delivery and Returns section of the website.


All illustrations, documents, and other information supplied by or on behalf of the company are supplied upon the condition that the consumer will not divulge or use them in any way except for their purposes of installing or governing the goods for which they are issued without the company’s written consent.

Copyright and all other intellectual property rights of all drawings, documents, and other information prepared and supplied by the company shall remain their property.